en1.8-normal version/giveWerkzeug & WaffenAWSOME TOOLS!? :D by padhabhop minecraft avatar padhabhop

en1.8+/giveAnderesPhotons Head by photon minecraft avatar photon

en1.8/giveRüstungiron man by thenicekid minecraft avatar thenicekid

en1.9/1.10/1.11/giveZaubertränkeFlying Potions by darthkaden minecraft avatar darthkaden

enAll Versions/giveTutorials how to get Purple Shep's Head by maximusgameryt minecraft avatar maximusgameryt

enAll Version Available/giveAnderesCat head by neikko minecraft avatar neikko

en1.9+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSharpness Stick by roorda4 minecraft avatar roorda4

en1.8 - 1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenA Very woodening sword (OP) by skyblockman3467 minecraft avatar skyblockman3467

en11.1/giveSchildermy friend pack by xdmegapro minecraft avatar xdmegapro

enall 1.8 versions/giveWerkzeug & WaffenPickaxe Of Efficiency by foxf8gr8 minecraft avatar foxf8gr8

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOMG GOD PICK by withermasterpvp minecraft avatar withermasterpvp

en1.11.2/giveAnderes Itemget command block!! by enderbloke3 minecraft avatar enderbloke3

de1.8 - 1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimate Iluuminati Sword by thespiderkiller minecraft avatar thespiderkiller

de1.8 3.0/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Excalibur (Sword) by leon_xxl minecraft avatar leon_xxl

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenKnockback-Stick by quinty14 minecraft avatar quinty14

en1.8/giveRüstungSUPER SUPER ULTIMATE ARMOR by m.o.dcreator minecraft avatar m.o.dcreator

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimate Bow! [1.9] by icrazycat88 minecraft avatar icrazycat88

en1.8- 1.11.2/giveZaubertränkeSmoke bomb command for 1.11.2 by theredstoneconducter minecraft avatar theredstoneconducter

en1.8.x/1.9.x/1.10./1.11.x//giveRüstungThe Real Excalibur by jragon minecraft avatar jragon

en1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenHello there please die by weaponmaster minecraft avatar weaponmaster

en1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGOD AXE by heroxsa minecraft avatar heroxsa

en1.8/giveScoreboardAdmin Book v1 by lindoan minecraft avatar lindoan

en1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGod sword the strongest thing forged by the god. by creeperdude56734 minecraft avatar creeperdude56734

en1.8/giveBücheriphone 7 by levibring@gmail.com minecraft avatar levibring@gmail.com

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeTroll Potion :D by ifocux minecraft avatar ifocux

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeSplash Potion of Dizziness (Nausea) by genessee minecraft avatar genessee

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffenkatana by luwman minecraft avatar luwman

enwork in 1.8/giveZaubertränkeBecome Vampire with no mods !!! by barak obama minecraft avatar barak obama

en1.8+/giveAnderesguardian's head by georgethespider minecraft avatar georgethespider

en1.11/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe endgame by vignisson minecraft avatar vignisson

en1.8/giveTiere & MonsterSUPER CUTE DOGGY HEAD! GET A DOG HEAD!! :D by imogenollietom1 minecraft avatar imogenollietom1

en1.8, 1.9 snapshots/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimate Diamond Sword by mordecai minecraft avatar mordecai

en1.11/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOmega Slicer by larrythelemon minecraft avatar larrythelemon

en1.8/giveZaubertränkeInstant Kill Potion by huntercoo minecraft avatar huntercoo

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTHE ULTIMATE GOD SWORD!!! by ethangamertvfan minecraft avatar ethangamertvfan

en1.8/giveBücherHow to get free ranks on any server! by tbnrbrother minecraft avatar tbnrbrother

de1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSUPER GEILE WAFFEN !!!!OHNE MODS!!!! by jeckthewitcher minecraft avatar jeckthewitcher

en1.10/giveZaubertränke1.10 and up Lingering Potion! by thebraver minecraft avatar thebraver

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLightsabers! by crazyscientist89 minecraft avatar crazyscientist89

en1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSTRONGEST PICKAXE IN MINECRAFT FORTUNE 10000 by ghost1x minecraft avatar ghost1x

en1.10+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Shield (Forever Protected) by kennywilliams21 minecraft avatar kennywilliams21

en1.11.2/giveBücherMap-Maker-Book by everydayismemes minecraft avatar everydayismemes

en1.10/giveAnderesGET YOUR OWN HEAD by the_shopkeeper minecraft avatar the_shopkeeper

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenHerobrine's Sword by fallen_angel minecraft avatar fallen_angel

en1.8+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP AXE by gav_attack minecraft avatar gav_attack

enALL minecraft versions./giveAnderes ItemKNOCKBACK STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by infinyminer3577 minecraft avatar infinyminer3577

en1.8+/giveRüstungBootity Boot Boots by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenScythe of Shadows by cliffordpfaff minecraft avatar cliffordpfaff

en1.8/giveSchilderNight Vision Goggles by donotdisturb1 minecraft avatar donotdisturb1

en1.8+/giveRüstung GOD CHESTPLATE by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith