en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenFishing Rod Knockback by xhuawhi minecraft avatar xhuawhi

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimatum by thehuntmc minecraft avatar thehuntmc

en1.8/summonWerkzeug & WaffenExtra Weapons {Only One Command! 1.8} by halloweenplayz_ minecraft avatar halloweenplayz_

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffenmini gun by kbboss101 minecraft avatar kbboss101

en1.8 1.9/giveWerkzeug & Waffenoverpower the pickaxe by beauehrl minecraft avatar beauehrl

enany /giveWerkzeug & WaffenTHE MOST OP SWORD EVER by tuetey 429 minecraft avatar tuetey 429

en1.9 and up/giveWerkzeug & WaffenS.H.I.E.L.D by shitter12 minecraft avatar shitter12

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenEmergency Axe by the monster spawner minecraft avatar the monster spawner

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenKnockbackstick by grave02 minecraft avatar grave02

enany verison/giveWerkzeug & Waffenmega god sword by brodyman5001 minecraft avatar brodyman5001

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe ULTIMATE weapon!!! by thelionm3tt minecraft avatar thelionm3tt

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP AF Sword m800 by surfice minecraft avatar surfice

enonly 1.8x - 1.9x you faggot/giveWerkzeug & Waffenthe mlg supa fire by deadpool22 minecraft avatar deadpool22

en1.10.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenBlade of Legends by beaconcream minecraft avatar beaconcream

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenHome Run Bat by thesocialzombie minecraft avatar thesocialzombie

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenKnoback stick by crazycreepers minecraft avatar crazycreepers

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenPolice Stun Baton by the monster spawner minecraft avatar the monster spawner

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Best Bow by jny2 minecraft avatar jny2

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenBirchSword by the_blaze_lord minecraft avatar the_blaze_lord

en1.8/summonWerkzeug & Waffenlightning summoning sword in one command!! by jkrg minecraft avatar jkrg

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenMinecraft 1.9 Pickaxe by alche246 minecraft avatar alche246

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenEfficient Shovel by 9crafter minecraft avatar 9crafter

en1.9+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGod Sword **WARNING: extremly strong** by killerodeath minecraft avatar killerodeath

en1.7.2/SwordWerkzeug & WaffenMiecz Dubbing-a by backflip minecraft avatar backflip

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffenop_sword by kekspielt minecraft avatar kekspielt

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenEnderGlove by the_blaze_lord minecraft avatar the_blaze_lord

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGun in minecraft v1 by j_flame minecraft avatar j_flame

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLukes LightSaber by soup_da_man minecraft avatar soup_da_man

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTank sword by entity_303 minecraft avatar entity_303

en1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenHell Sword by raylan g minecraft avatar raylan g

en1.10.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLegion PIXAXE by beaconcream minecraft avatar beaconcream

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenClash of clans! by luke_vader2424 minecraft avatar luke_vader2424

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenStarvy Bow! by sparkdagamer minecraft avatar sparkdagamer

en1.7+/giveWerkzeug & Waffencrenade's blade by crenade minecraft avatar crenade

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenHand Grenade by diamondhost minecraft avatar diamondhost

en1.8/setblockWerkzeug & Waffenop shovel by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenWither Sword by forestf1re minecraft avatar forestf1re

en1.8+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSUPER EXTREME OP SWORD by zwirth2795 minecraft avatar zwirth2795

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenAk47 by greatframe10 minecraft avatar greatframe10

en1.8/executeWerkzeug & WaffenMaking a bow shoot Fireballs!!!!! by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

de1.8/summonWerkzeug & WaffenOneCommand Magnet [German Version] by lescookies minecraft avatar lescookies

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSulfaris, Hand Of Ragnaros by magnolia536 minecraft avatar magnolia536

en1.8/1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUnbreakable Sword by lightining5421 minecraft avatar lightining5421

en1.8+/executeWerkzeug & WaffenTurning a Snowball into a fireball!!! by themajesticsteak minecraft avatar themajesticsteak

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThunderfury, Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker by magnolia536 minecraft avatar magnolia536

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe obsidian Destroyer pick super op pick by death8ter minecraft avatar death8ter

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLove Blade by char minecraft avatar char

en1.10/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP SWORD!!! by dominator2874 minecraft avatar dominator2874

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffenop item by ghast_films minecraft avatar ghast_films

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSylvanas' Bow by magnolia536 minecraft avatar magnolia536