en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGOD SWORD! by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

enMaded on 1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGOD SWORD! 1.11.2 by weeklykhan16 minecraft avatar weeklykhan16

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Super Sword by kingseta minecraft avatar kingseta

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP DIAMOND SWORD!!! by danovp minecraft avatar danovp

en1.8+/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTHE LEGENDARY GOD BOW EVER!!!!!!!!! by mutoplaysmc minecraft avatar mutoplaysmc

en1.8, many :)/giveWerkzeug & WaffenMLG PICKAXE by brownbeardoesmc minecraft avatar brownbeardoesmc

en1.11.2-1.12+!/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Ultimate 1.11.2-1.12 GOD SWORD by deimos jb minecraft avatar deimos jb

en1.8/summonWerkzeug & WaffenLightning Rod by enderdragon1257 minecraft avatar enderdragon1257

en1.8+/summonWerkzeug & WaffenPokeball in MINECRAFT one command!! by ertdmm minecraft avatar ertdmm

en1.8/setblockWerkzeug & WaffenFireBall by jochar32 minecraft avatar jochar32

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimate Bow by thedestr0yer minecraft avatar thedestr0yer

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP - Schwert by agent_jul minecraft avatar agent_jul

en1.9/1.10x/summonWerkzeug & WaffenOp tools weapons and armor one command in 1.9 and 1.10x by sieyn minecraft avatar sieyn

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTerrible (awesome) sword by nmoleo minecraft avatar nmoleo

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP BOW !!!! by lexo minecraft avatar lexo

en1.11.2/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOBSIADIAN SWORD by gacabam minecraft avatar gacabam

en1.8.3/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOne hit kill by xxlavacreeperxx minecraft avatar xxlavacreeperxx

en1.8.x/summonWerkzeug & WaffenGuns by 2drybones minecraft avatar 2drybones

en1.9/summonWerkzeug & WaffenDriving Car in Vanilla Minecraft! 1.9 by ajasona minecraft avatar ajasona

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP diamond pickaxe by mrminecraft1014 minecraft avatar mrminecraft1014

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Pickaxe by reedeklar minecraft avatar reedeklar

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Items Generator by thatonetyler minecraft avatar thatonetyler

en1.8.7/giveWerkzeug & WaffenLighting rod by thegrimreaper1 minecraft avatar thegrimreaper1

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOp god sword (High Looting), Unbreaking, all enchantments} by firecreeper minecraft avatar firecreeper

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffenthe mic slayer by redstoner minecraft avatar redstoner

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Bow by reedeklar minecraft avatar reedeklar

en1.12/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Ultimate Weapon for players Who Want to KILL by hiiy10 minecraft avatar hiiy10

en1.8 and higher/summonWerkzeug & WaffenThe real Super Bow by hotbrawl20 minecraft avatar hotbrawl20

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & Waffen1000000+ attack damage sword!!! by midcourseboar6 minecraft avatar midcourseboar6

en1.6 - 1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Sword 30000 ENCHANT AND 5000 ENCHANT by joshm150 minecraft avatar joshm150

en1.8 - 1.8.1 - 1.8.2 - 1.8.3/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTwo Handed Diamond Sword by cyarith minecraft avatar cyarith

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenKip Swrd by mudkipsplayz minecraft avatar mudkipsplayz

en1.11.2/summonWerkzeug & WaffenThe Ultimate OP 1.11.2 GOD SWORD (v2) by deimos jb minecraft avatar deimos jb

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP schwert !!!! by pandamanlp minecraft avatar pandamanlp

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenMagic Wand by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOP Stick by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8-1.9/summonWerkzeug & WaffenOP Nuclear Bomb! ONE COMMAND! by jaycraft2 minecraft avatar jaycraft2

en1.8 1.8.2 1.8.3/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGod's sword by minecraftmob10 minecraft avatar minecraftmob10

en1.8.6/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUltimate Pickaxe (GODDED) by mushroom300 minecraft avatar mushroom300

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenSuper Pickaxe by itsnicoxd minecraft avatar itsnicoxd

en1.10.x/summonWerkzeug & WaffenPORTAL GUNS IN MINECRAFT VANILLA 1.10.2 by jld3103 minecraft avatar jld3103

en1.11/summonWerkzeug & WaffenSans' Powers by simmer boy minecraft avatar simmer boy

enworks for evrything with the /give command/giveWerkzeug & Waffenone hit kill sword by jasonicmario minecraft avatar jasonicmario

en1.8, 1.9/giveWerkzeug & WaffenUndertale's Gaster Blaster by char minecraft avatar char

de1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenOp Spitzhacke by swag_xbro_xgangster minecraft avatar swag_xbro_xgangster

enWorks With All Versions Including Latest Snapshot/Pre-Release/giveWerkzeug & WaffenThe Verison Slayer by collierplaysmc minecraft avatar collierplaysmc

en1.7.10 /giveWerkzeug & WaffenUnbreakable Pickaxe by evermorecr minecraft avatar evermorecr

en1.8.4 1.8 1.8.3/summonWerkzeug & WaffenFIREBALL SWORD by mjmamore minecraft avatar mjmamore

en1.8/giveWerkzeug & WaffenGod Bow by minecrftdragon8 minecraft avatar minecrftdragon8

en1.9 snapshots/giveWerkzeug & WaffenTHE BEST 1.9 WEAPON by evilmonkeydragon minecraft avatar evilmonkeydragon