de1.8/giveAnderes ItemDeadpool Head by tentrillicon minecraft avatar tentrillicon

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemBaseball Bat by xam1 minecraft avatar xam1

en1.8 and 1.9/giveAnderes ItemThe item called Barrier! by xxmarathonkidxx minecraft avatar xxmarathonkidxx

en1.10.2/giveAnderes ItemSPEEEEEEEED!!!!!! by rjmc66 minecraft avatar rjmc66

en1.8/summonAnderes ItemMore enchantment's only on command by a7in_mc minecraft avatar a7in_mc

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemTaser by polokibird minecraft avatar polokibird

en1.11.2/giveAnderes ItemKb Stick by 0_flowey_0 minecraft avatar 0_flowey_0

en1.10 And 1.9/summonAnderes ItemSmart Moving Head In Minecraft!!!!!! by char minecraft avatar char

en1.11.2/giveAnderes ItemBEST SWORD EVER! by raryplanks minecraft avatar raryplanks

en1.8/summonAnderes ItemLightning with Snowball by char minecraft avatar char

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemCHICKEN SWORD by gamerberkant30 minecraft avatar gamerberkant30

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemThe power flower!!! by mistermasterman2 minecraft avatar mistermasterman2

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemDA SUPA FIYAHZ by supacow64 minecraft avatar supacow64

enAny Version Past When Heads Came Out!/giveAnderes ItemOak Wood Block Head by pittcola minecraft avatar pittcola

enThis Command Was Made In 1.11.2 I Think It Works Any Version!/giveAnderes ItemThe Sword Of Gods by pittcola minecraft avatar pittcola

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemEpic Fireworks by koebsshadow minecraft avatar koebsshadow

en1.8/giveAnderes Itempepsi by mkm minecraft avatar mkm

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemGOD FISHING ROD by emeraldgreenguy minecraft avatar emeraldgreenguy

en1.9/giveAnderes ItemDialog by alexanderfj minecraft avatar alexanderfj

en1.4 or higher/giveAnderes ItemWanna record and zoom in in a split second in MINECRAFT?!?!? ues this command! by amazing__viptnt minecraft avatar amazing__viptnt

en1.8/summonAnderes ItemChristmas Vanilla Mod! by fireboltgalaxy minecraft avatar fireboltgalaxy

en1.11.2/summonAnderes Itempokebal by norcfatih minecraft avatar norcfatih

de1.8/giveAnderes ItemJ0NASLP by j0naslp minecraft avatar j0naslp

en1.9/summonAnderes ItemRealistic Foods by 2014cheque minecraft avatar 2014cheque

en1.10.2/giveAnderes ItemSuprise Omega item by sir_jacob100 minecraft avatar sir_jacob100

enNote:not new vers/giveAnderes ItemEND PORTAL BLOCK by redenderplayz minecraft avatar redenderplayz

en1.10/summonAnderes Itemportal guns cool commands!! by arjuna minecraft avatar arjuna

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemThe Dark Shadow - By Slayer65 by slayer65 minecraft avatar slayer65

en1.8,15w34d/giveAnderes Item(Mega OP Diamond Sworld)My project by diamentdiaxpl minecraft avatar diamentdiaxpl

en1.8.9/giveAnderes ItemFnaf head by richerd1 minecraft avatar richerd1

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemCity I.D. by aquadrake minecraft avatar aquadrake

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemThe Power Star by lavagold minecraft avatar lavagold

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemSpleef Stick by thesilverwolf86 minecraft avatar thesilverwolf86

en1.7.2/1.7.10/giveAnderes ItemTHE BEST CAKE EVER by tman14609 minecraft avatar tman14609

en1.11.2/giveAnderes Item/give gunpowder 100 by devil_man minecraft avatar devil_man

en1.8/COMMANDAnderes ItemWrote this ALL by Hand... by theslayer257 minecraft avatar theslayer257

en1.9 - 1.11.1/GiveAnderes ItemChange Head by lrx minecraft avatar lrx

en1.12/giveAnderes ItemPeridorito's Gem (kinda like) by peridorito smol mc minecraft avatar peridorito smol mc

en1.8.8/giveAnderes Item(New!) Bonnie Head!! by doctorstrike. minecraft avatar doctorstrike.

en1.8/tellrawAnderes ItemMy Tlakis| My Thinking by the_redstoner minecraft avatar the_redstoner

en1.11.2/give:signAnderes ItemFurniture Command Ordinary by jetfounatain19 minecraft avatar jetfounatain19

en1.8.4/giveAnderes ItemMinecraft head command by hani_369 minecraft avatar hani_369

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemTelescope by 3brews minecraft avatar 3brews

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemBacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich by coolguyjeff minecraft avatar coolguyjeff

en1.9/giveAnderes ItemPlayer Head : skkf by lady12 minecraft avatar lady12

en1.9/summonAnderes ItemDantdm Lucky Block by heroxsa minecraft avatar heroxsa

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemButt Whooping stick by ryanvogt minecraft avatar ryanvogt

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemGay's Sword by spyro_the_dragon minecraft avatar spyro_the_dragon

en1.8/giveAnderes ItemFist of Fire by ttyw1n1ytt minecraft avatar ttyw1n1ytt

en1.8.9/giveAnderes ItemLets Fish by maganda9 minecraft avatar maganda9