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Hello people that have visited this page.

Today I present Throwing Spikes in One Command.

I made this Command because there's few ranged attacks in the game that actually damage entities.

You can make 10 Throwing Spikes by dropping 3 Iron ingots and one leather.

You can throw these by simply dropping them and looking in a direction, they're not perfectly accurate but it's cool.

To give others the item, you have to put it in a chest, shulker box or other storage blocks.

Hope you enjoy this Command as I definitely will myself. :)

To get Command Block type '/give @p command_block' then copy the command and paste it into the block.

Paste it by pressing CTRL + V / CMD + V / STRG + V, when in the command block after copying it.

Der Befehl

Achtung: Minifiziere den Command um Probleme zu vermeiden :)

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