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Detailed Minecraft A1.0.0!! By: NJGminecraft

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Stats: Characters: 7099 | Time Taken: 26 Hours | Commandist Level: 6


1: Ever annoyed about fighting a zombie and accidentally jumping and trampling your crops.. Well now you cant use the jump key while your standing on farmland!!

2:Kinda stole this one from Jragon014 {SHOUTOUT TO HIM AND HIS CHANNEL!! <<Here} Anyway when you run on paths you run faster than running on a normal block. That goes with the next one...

3:When you walk on grass, it turns into a grass path... better way to track where you've been! Right??!

4:Also along with the last two... When you walk on dirt it gets trampled and is now course dirt!!

5:If you stand right, when you jump through a end portal you'll come out with a nausea effect on the other side. like the nether portal...

6:A bug that never got patched in this command... sponge water holes... hopefully will be patched in the next version of this command.. ill work on it.

7:Ya' know that you got the slenderman's cousin in the game?! Checkout the effects when you get near a enderman... Your in for a surprise! #Donthaveaseasure

8:Ever been to a beach and tried to run in sand?! Notice how slow you are compared to on concrete? then you know what this one is. 

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