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One Command Parkour Map!

If you love parkour and hate the hassle of downloading a map, now just pop a command in and BOOM, a parkour map forms.

This command creates a parkour map right in front of your eyes. Each level is randomized and every time you use this it won't be the same map!
If using a server allow command blocks, this is multiplayer friendly.

This is still in beta so report bugs in the comments.

1. Press Create New World
2. Where says Gamemode: click it twice.
3.Click More World Options
4. Find where it says "World Type" than click it once
5. Than Click Customize
6. Click presets
7. Scroll Down to the bottom and click redstone ready.
8. Click Use Preset than done than creat the world.
9. Do /give @p(or player name) command_block
10. Paste in the command that you get from the link.
11. Place a redstone block next to it.
12. Wait for the machine to form.
13. Go 20 blocks south, east, or west away from the command block.
14. Get a rabbit spawn and a pig spawn egg
15. Place The rabbit spawn egg and wait for it to build.
16. Place the pig spawn egg when you are satisfied with the numer of levels.
17. Go to the bottom level and find the chiseled quartz than start.
18. Have fun and parkour  

Der Befehl

Achtung: Minifiziere den Command um Probleme zu vermeiden :)

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