en 1.8.3 /summon Anderes Item

To Get The Items you need to Throw Them on The Ground With The Down Recipes

Recipes on the Ground:

Bow+Ender Pearl+Golden Apple (Eny Tip of Golden Apple)=Gods Bow

Potion(Eny Tip of Potion Even Water Bottle)+Dragon Egg+Bedrock=Creative Killer

Diamond+Stick+Iron Ingot+Gold Ingot=Destroyer

You Need to Know:
The Gods Bow can Knockback a Entity ween you hit him with the Left Click and he gets in Fire one Hit with the arrow can Kill Him

a Arrow has a Cool Particle Effects :)

The Destroyer can Dig Down 5 Blocks any Block even Bedrock

The Creative Killer can Kill Players in Any Gamemode exept Spectator

Der Befehl

Achtung: Minifiziere den Command um Probleme zu vermeiden :)

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