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Hello its rsgrant. This command creation this time is "Extra Mob Eggs In One Command!!". 

EXPLANATION: explain it, there is 8 different spawn eggs some of them are strangley organized mobs or special mobs or just spawn egg shortcuts, that means it cannot be spawned with a spawn egg. Which may save you time. 

And I don't like to type unless I want to  or have to. So yeah, that's my first command creation of 2017. I have made a command earlier in 2017 like 2 weeks ago but still 2017. But that was not a Cmd Creation Anyways hope you like the Cmd if you do , recommend the command which motivates me to do more commands. The Command is by rsgrant or TheFoxPlayzMC. And I hope you like it.

               Later people - rsgrant , TheFoxPlayzMC

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