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Hello, today I will be releasing my Survival Games 1.2, which is currently beta. The survival games SHOULD instantly end if you only have one player online, but it is in Beta.

The features of it are:

 Uses the terrain around you... Small area, 100*100. Build a map, but make it small

 2 Powerups will spawn, with prot. 4 diamond armor

 Randomized Chests and Chest loot

 Custom Items

  •   Legendary Items
    • Lightning Sword (Strikes entities on lightning when hit
    • Viper Sword (Wither effect on hit entities)
    • Milk Sword (Clears Potion effects on hit)
    • Ice Sword (Passive freeze effect)
    • Tnt Bow (Costs 1 tnt per shot in survival to work)
    • Grapple Bow (Costs 8 string in survival per shot to work)
    • Firework Bow (Costs 4 or 8 gunpowder per shot in survival (forgot))
  • Rare Items
    • New Tools like the Flashlight, Space Helmet, and Hover Boots, and more
    • New Weapons like the Katana, Broadsword, Boxing Glove, and more

You can destroy terrain

1 Life Only

Very Basic Anti-Cheat


Der Befehl

Achtung: Minifiziere den Command um Probleme zu vermeiden :)

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