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####Flight Controls for Vanilla Minecraft 1.8.9

This one command creates a set of movement controls that will move the area 

(controls are in the center of a 20 18 20 cube)


Instructions for install/use:

1. make your life easier and copy the command below now... (press Ctrl and C while its highlighted)

2. start Minecraft in creative mode or have cheats on at creation of world.

3. type /gamemode 1                      then press Enter
4. type /give @p command_block                 then press Enter
5. type /give @p stone_button                â€ƒâ€ƒâ€ƒthen press Enter 

6. stand where you want flight control center to be centered and turn to face north (press F3 and look for facing: north)

7. place a command_block 4 spaces in front of you
8. place a stone_button on front of command_block by holding shift while right clicking on command_block with stone_button

10. right click on command block (not the button on the front of it)

11. copy and paste (CTRL V) command from below into command_block

12. right click button to create flight controls

13. right click button again to remove leftover command_blocks and redstone_blocks

14. enjoy movable chunk 10 blocks in every direction, down 3 and up 15

Der Befehl

Achtung: Minifiziere den Command um Probleme zu vermeiden :)

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