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To use dzhiijeng's Garden Decorations, you have to read the recipes below, or else it won't work!

Barbecue Stand: Drop 2 oak logs, 4 iron trapdoors, 16 cobblestone on ground together.
Activate Barbecue Stand: Drop on stand 1 flint, 1 raw food of your choice.
Break Barbecue Stand: Use the Remove Stone Barbecue on it.

Gazebo: Drop 32 green wool, 8 sticks on ground together.

Remove Gazebo: Face to the west, and break the block under the pole.

Large Flower Pot: Drop 9 clay balls, 2 dirt, 1 rose bush on ground together

Remove L. Flower Pot: Break the block under the pot.

Garden Table: Drop 2 sticks, 2 logs on ground together

Remove Garden Table: Break the blocks under the table.

Garden Torch: Drop 6 sticks, 1 flint and steel on ground together.

Remove Garden Torch: Use the Remove Garden Torch egg on it.

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