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A book that can help you and more! :)

NOTE: You need permision to commands to run this command.

NOTE: You need a Command Block (/give @p command_block 1 0) to run this command.

NOTE: This book can have bugs, example: I pressed on Give a Diamond Sword, and this command heal me...

Creator/Modifier: Wreeper

Rules (Respect Them or you won't be able to open book:)

1. This book is maked only by Wreeper. Do not say is your work or you participed to create this command.

2. Wreeper doesn't reply if you changed the command and now book have bugs. You need to be careful with the books.

3. If someone says in chat that: (SoloV is the intruder)

Hey guys, it's not real ,this command is maked by me. You can beat me?? :))

Thank you for read & use this command!

>> Wreeper Channel <<

>> wreeper.wree(my skype) <<

>> Wreeper Commands <<

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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