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To enchant a item without books and enchantment table and also with /enchant, you need to view this tutorial.

In this tutorial i say how to enchant items with /give , and it's easy, you won't need work anymore. Do not try to download mods.

 In the first hand , you need to type what tool/item you want to enchant. I give to example wooden sword. In the two hand you need how much amount you    want. I select amount 1.

Type this command in your chat: /give @p wooden_sword 1 0 {ench:[{id:16,lvl:30},{id:20,lvl:30}]} (This command will give to you Wooden Sword with              Sharpness 30 and Fire Aspect 30. You can put any item you want, any id you want , any level you want.(includes stick).


How to make fakechat with /tellraw:

Just imagine a chat.

<Gogo> Fuck you Erdas

<Erdas> O.O FUCK YOU

<Gogo> I'll never get apologize!!!

<Erdas> Ooo yeaaa?? FUCK YOU

To make fake chat on Gogo , type this command: /tellraw @a {"text":"<Gogo> Sorry for inconvienence"} , this show <Gogo> Sorry for inconvienence .


To make a title with subtitle, you need first the subtitle.

/title @p subtitle {"text":"We're glad you're on our server!"}

/title @p title [{"color":"green","text":"Hello "},{"color":"none","selector":"@p"},{"color":"none","text":" !"}]

* You need a command block (/give @p command_block 1 0) for this action.

For more, i recommend The JSON Generator.

A example: /tellraw @a [{"color":"dark_blue","bold":true,"italic":true,"text":"Ro"},{"bold":false,"italic":false,"color":"yellow","text":"ma"},{"color":"dark_red","text":"nia "},{"color":"white","text":"Po"},{"color":"dark_purple","text":"We"},{"color":"aqua","text":"R"},{"color":"dark_gray","text":"!"}]

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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