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You wanted a Cop that can help you with books and other???

Copy my command and your feelings has been killed ! This cop will help you !! They can not move. So , if you want to move the villager, please make collision on this and the villager moves.. The villager will help you , if the wanted person won't give to you book , you need to kill him . Sell this ,, Written Ticket '' and you win 8 Diamonds for the work. You need 3 Gold Nuggets for bought this Book.


1. If this villager exist on server, please not abusing of them, they can make you to get banned.

2. Please use the Villager on special occasions , and not for shops, otherwise your server will be ,, Pros Server ''.

3. Have fun with villager ! The villager can't help you with kill wanted people , only with trade.

4. Do not say is your work. This villager are maked by ,, Wreeper ''.

5. Have fun !!!!

The command

Note: Minify the command to avoid issues :)

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